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In Early Modern English, the shaft referred to the entire body of a long weapon, such that an arrow's "shaft" was composed of its "tip", "stale" or "steal", and "fletching". Palsgrave (circa 1530) glossed the French j[']empenne as "I fether a shafte, I put fethers upon a steale". Over time, the word came to be used in place of the former "stale" and lost its original meaning.


Use the M and S measuring units included to measure as with digital dial gauges, but with laser precision and the possibility to document the measurement result. Another application is to check shaft radial play (bearing play).

The goal of the Drilled Shaft Foundation Inspector Certification course is to provide inspectors with practical knowledge and standard industry practices for conducting major structure bridge drilled shaft inspections. The inspector drilled shaft certification is not for signal nor sign support drilled shafts. Inspectors will gain an understanding of their responsibility to verify compliance with project requirements as well as mandates set forth by ODOT or the federal government, or both.

Shaft engineers and designers define golf shaft stiffness as a profile, the shape of stiffness down the length of the shaft. I learned the terms EI and GJ in discussions with shaft engineers. I was fortunate to have the opportunity to tour a shaft company R&D lab and my understanding of golf shaft technology was shaken to the core. Then I designed and manufactured a simple but very accurate EI measuring instrument. It is now owned and used by several shaft companies. I have been writing about EI profiles on this journal for 10+ years. The term EI profile, is now part of the discussion shaft companies are having with golfers.

Golf Shaft Reviews is my freelance journal about golf shafts. If you want to understand golf shafts you have come to the right place. Here you can learn why some shafts work for you and others do not. I encourage you share your comments about what you experience with the shafts reviewed. Learn which profiles work for you and which do not. There is a great deal to understand beyond the marketing mythology used to promote golf shafts.

Creating a uniform system to define the distribution of flex down a golf shaft was possible, in fact many shaft companies have such systems. But the information, for fear of giving that information to their competitors, is not shared with golfers or golf professionals. It took a few years to refine my EI Instrument and many, many years to acquire and measure the popular golf shafts. This journal provides you with uniform measurements of thousands of golf shafts.

If you are new to my journal, the TECHNOLOGY MENU is a collection of articles that will help you understanding golf shaft design and the attributes of the golf shaft that can be independently measured. My objective in creating this journal is to balance the marketing messages of the golf business with some science. And ultimately, help you make better decisions about your golf clubs.

This journal is entirely supported by reader subscriptions. To insure my integrity, there are not ads on this site. If you believe as I do, that your golf shafts are essential to good golf, please subscribe. Testing shafts and writing articles takes a great amount of time. Your subscription underwrites the time and resources needed to keep my journal going and growing. You will notice, this site is does not run ads, that allows me to remain unbiased in the articles.

This video is a detailed discussion about golf shafts stiffness and the history of how they were measured and marketed. It is one of many videos about golf equipment technology and golf club building on my youtube channel, Devoted Golfer.

It took years to understand shaft measurement and many more years to accumulate a meaningful database of shaft measurements. The magnitude of that accomplishment did not occur to me until a golf shaft company owner said it to me. Several golf shaft companies now use the EI measuring instrument I designed and manufactured. If you are a golf professional and would like access to more data there are two choices. Golf Professional subscribers get access to a larger set of data and individual profiles of all the shaft model weights and stiffness variations that were made available. Fit2Score Affiliates have access to the entire database through Excel. To hear a recent podcast interview I did about golf shafts with Tony Wright, a Fit2Score Software Affiliate, Click Here.

The Mitsubishi Diamana GT is one of the 5th generation Diamana models. Mitsubishi Chemical Group is unique among the golf shaft companies, they are vertically integrated. They make all of the critical raw materials that make up the golf shaft including the monomer, acrylic fiber, carbon fiber, resin, and prepreg. Prepreg is the sheets wrapped around mandrels that are the material of the carbon fiber golf shaft. Other golf shaft manufacturers purchase the prepreg used in their shafts. This allows the Mitsubishi Chemical Group to create unique technologies in their golf shaft designs.

If you want to truly understand golf shafts, register for an annual subscription of $10. Ten dollars is less than the cost of a sleeve of premium golf balls or a bucket of range balls. Your support will keep Golf Shaft Reviews going and growing. This website is the only comprehensive information source about golf shafts available to the public. I do not receive compensation from the shaft companies nor clutter the site with ads.

It has been 9 years since I looked at the first generation Nippon Regio Driver shafts. That review included only one of the three models. In this review, all three models were measured and compared. While Nippon is well know for their iron shafts, the driver shafts in the US are not popular. That is an understatement, they are virtually unknown. Over the last several years a few of my long term affiliated trainers and players have raved about their experience with the Regio Formula Plus driver shafts.

As with all Nippon golf shafts, the quality and consistency of the Regio Formula Plus Shafts are second to none. They are all made in Japan, expensive, and reflect the attention to quality that we expect from Japanese made products. To read this review, you must register .

I have limited access to UST shafts as they do not provide review samples. In looking at the UST website they have provided accurate EI profiles of the LIN-Q product line. I would expect as much as they own one of my EI instruments. Carbon fiber materials are constantly being improved. UST tells us that they used the latest generation TORAY prepreg in the LIN-Q. To read this review, you must register .

Love your current club heads but looking to fine tune your game? The KBS Golf X Retrobuild was designed to allow golfers to keep their current set of clubs while upgrading their shafts to better fit their game.

Design MemorandumTO: All Design Section StaffFROM: Bijan KhaleghiDATE: June 28, 2010SUBJECT: Bearing Resistance of Shaft GroupsThe group reduction factors for bearing resistance of shafts for the strength and extreme event limit states shall be taken as shown in Table 1. These reduction factors presume that good shaft installation practices are used to minimize or eliminate the relaxation of the soil between shafts and caving. If this cannot be adequately controlled due to difficult soil conditions or for other reasons, lower group reduction factors should be considered, or steps should be taken during and after shaft construction to restore the soil to its original condition.Table 1. Group reduction factors for bearing resistance of shafts Soil Type

Femoral shaft fractures are a common orthopedic injury occurring in high energy trauma or low energy trauma in the elderly. Femoral shaft fractures are frequently associated with other comorbidities necessitating a thorough trauma life support assessment and interdisciplinary care. Among the various treatment modalities, Intramedullary nailing is the gold standard resulting in excellent outcomes. The goal of fixation is early healing and long-term functional recovery. This activity reviews the evaluation and treatment of abdominal abscesses and highlights the role of the interprofessional team in evaluating and treating patients with this condition. 041b061a72


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