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Excellent Football Betting Tips from a 10-Year Veteran

How to Bet on Football Without Losing – What is Football Betting? Experience in Over/Under Betting in Football. All will be summarized in my football betting experience shared below. Please read on.

Unique Tips for Football Betting with the Bookies

To win at football betting, the first thing we need to do is compile data and statistics on the match we want to bet on. How to compile data to get the best results? The compiled results will be the foundation for a strong bet. Therefore, you need to pay attention to the following issues:

- Results of the most recent matches

- Head-to-head history

- Recent performance and form of the players

- Home or away matches

- Recent form of the two teams

Additionally, we should also pay attention to external information about the match such as weather, working conditions, and the coach's mood (personal information, lifestyle, etc.).

Revealed Secrets of the Bookmakers on casino online fb88

Typically, each bookmaker will have different odds. To have the most effective betting method for yourself, the first thing we must do is compare the odds of the bookmakers. After studying the situation of the two teams and the information about the bookmakers' odds, we need to know the following:

Distribute your capital properly if you choose to play live betting. Usually, bookmakers use algorithms to calculate and divide data, so betting levels and odds change constantly. If we do not calculate carefully and play recklessly, it is easy to lose all your capital.

Bookmakers have been very successful in creating anxiety among players. Because of unstable psychology, it is very easy to fall into the bookmakers' traps due to the "Virtual Ball" phenomenon. Always remember to keep a cool head.

Experience in Over/Under Betting – Football Betting Experience

After many years of "battling," I have gathered quite a few tips and experiences in football betting, effective football betting methods, and good football playing strategies. How to bet on football without losing or how to play Over/Under in football will be shared today for your reference. Below are the tips we know:

Football Betting Tip 1

First, let me explain the symbols in the bet. H is for home – the home team, and A is for Away – the away team. For example, in the friendly match between Japan and Uruguay in October 2018, initially, the bookmaker set Uruguay (A) as the upper hand with a 1/4 ball handicap (0/0.5) fully rewarded. And Japan (H) as the underdog with a payout of 0.82. But later, when the match was about to start, the bookmaker adjusted the odds to make Japan and Uruguay even. The odds changed to Japan fully rewarded while choosing Uruguay had a payout of 0.72. Thus, we have a tip like this: for matches like the above, choose Japan (the underdog) with a 0 handicap.

From this, we can see: the initial odds from the bookmaker placed Uruguay as the upper hand with a 1/4 (0.5) handicap. But when the match was about to start, the odds dropped to even. This means the bookmaker calculated that the actual strength of the two teams differed from the initial calculations. Therefore, in such cases, choosing the underdog with a 0 handicap will have a very high winning rate.

Experience in Betting on Football – Guide to Over/Under Betting

Handicap Betting – account register guide fb88

Based on my experience, a 1-goal handicap usually indicates that the favored team is significantly stronger than the underdog. This is more evident compared to a 1/4 or half-goal handicap. Betting over/under on these handicaps often leads to a win, with the worst-case scenario being a push. If you do lose, it's a sign to take a break as luck might not be on your side. I'm joking, of course, but I'm confident that the win rate for these handicaps is much higher than for regular bets.

So, here's an effective football betting strategy:

1. Don't choose the underdog; pick the favored team with a -1 handicap.

2. Additionally, place a smaller bet on a draw in the European market.


- Bet on the favored team with a 1-goal handicap with 2 million VND.

- Place a 1 million VND bet on a draw in the European market.

If the match ends in a draw, you win almost 2 million VND on the handicap and over 1 million VND on the draw. If the favored team wins, you net nearly 1 million VND after subtracting the draw bet. Remember, if the handicap is 1 goal, choose the favored team (-1) and place half the money on the European draw market. Also, focus on main bets; this tip is not for live betting (running odds).

Live Betting (Running Odds)

This tip is specifically for betting on the over in live betting:

1. Stay calm and bet incrementally; impatience can lead to losses.

2. Avoid big bets or going all in.

3. Be selective in your bets; avoid betting on every opportunity.

4. Always watch for high odds rates to place your money.

5. Choose matches that are likely to have many goals.

6. For live betting, select over bets with odds lower than 1.

Tips for Live Betting:

- Don’t stay in live betting for too long. Generally, you might win handicaps like 3/4 (winning half the money), but losses can be full. It’s better to leave once you’ve made a profit.

Guide to Football Betting – Tips for Live Betting

Experience with Over/Under Betting:

Our ancestors often said that every lesson comes with a cost, and it's true. I've also burnt through accounts and learned many hard lessons. Let me share some important factors for live betting:

1. Learn to bet over/under in the first half.

2. Choose matches with high over potential.

From my experience with virtual football and tips, these matches often see goals in the first or second half. You can use sites like 7M Sport or to check the history and recent matches of two teams. You'll notice that some matchups always go under, while others always go over.

You can refer to the article: fb88 deposit method

Example of Betting Strategy:

For first-half (HT) matches that usually have goals, bet on over 0.75-0.5 in the first half. But be cautious: the betting algorithms are sophisticated, and odds can change within 5-10 seconds. If you consistently bet on high-scoring matches, the bookmakers will catch on. Stay vigilant to avoid ending up in the red.


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