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The Beast Torrent ((EXCLUSIVE))

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The Beast torrent


Tetranadon is one of the first hurdles hunters face when first starting in Monster Hunter Rise. Monster Hunter World players will find this encounter very similar, as both the monster and the fight bear a striking resemblance to the Great Jagras from Monster Hunter World. Tetranadon's main gimmick is the ability to grow in size and revert to a standard size after a while. When it grows, Tetranadon becomes far more sluggish than before, but its attack power is significantly increased as a result. This is both the beast's most significant advantage and weakness at the same time.

First and foremost, the Torrent Sac can only be obtained by defeating a High-Rank Tetranadon, and the Low and Master Rank versions will not grant one. Secondly, it has an overwhelming weakness to the Thunder element. As mentioned before, when it grows in size, its attack power increases, but it also becomes more vulnerable to attacks due to its increased size. Carefully avoiding its big belly slam attacks will allow hunters to go in and use their Thunder weapons to deal massive damage to the beast.

After enough damage is dealt, Tetranadon will be knocked out of its "Belly-Mode" and return to a standard size. Players should remain on guard, however, as while the attack power of Tetranadon will significantly decrease, its speed has increased dramatically. Players should use this time to get clean hits on the head and legs before Tetranadon expands. Overall, after one or two fights, Tetranadon's moveset is straightforward to learn, and hunters should be able to defeat it easily. Capturing the beast will also increase their chances of earning a Torrent Sac.

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Towards midday the three pursuers came abruptly round a bend in the torrent bed upon the sight of a very broad and spacious valley. The difficult and winding trench of pebbles along which they had tracked the fugitives for so long expanded to a broad slope, and with a common impulse the three men left the trail, and rode to a little eminence set with olive-dun trees, and there halted, the two others, as became them, a little behind the man with the silver-studded bridle.

(A sharp flash of lightning. Andrew is seen with his lefthand up beside his head, which is drawn down, backingfearfully through the door into the dormitory. Thethunder rumbling in the darkness sounds like the growlof an enormous wild beast.)


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