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The Prototype YIFY

I've seen my share of bad movies and when I read the entertaining reviews of a truly awful film I am amazed that there always seem to be some knucklehead that gives the film a ten rating even though there is no redeeming value whatsoever. The woefully inept Ben & Arthur is a prime example. Now is the time for me to become said knuclehead as R.O.T.O.R. is one of the most entertaining bad movies ever.Professor/Cop/degreed sci-fi writer Coldyron performed by Richard Gesswein and dubbed with the voice of Loren Bivens (Why? Did he have a British accent?) has created the prototype cop of the inevitably lawless future with the help of man/woman/beast Dr. Steele (Jayne Smith) the only scientist in the world with a skunk mullet. After an accident at the Tactical Operations Lab, which also happens to be the Dallas Hilton, R.O.T.O.R. becomes operational a full twenty five years too early. Somehow he acquires skin and a uniform complete with porn star mustache and desert eagle and begins his tour of duty. When a couple is pulled over for speeding by R.O.T.O.R. he executes the driver causing the passenger Sonya (Margaret Trigg) to flee the scene with the maniacal machine in pursuit. This is the bulk of the movie. Poor Sonya has to drive nonstop for hours on end while Coldyron and Dr. Steele babble in lame pseudo-intellectual speak about how to stop R.O.T.O.R. Lucky for her that it takes at least 5-7 seconds before R.O.T.O.R. can aim and pull the trigger. The ending is even more absurd as R.O.T.O.R. is defeated quite easily with the right combination of car horn and thin rope.The dialogue is what makes this movie so much fun. There is a scene where Coldyron meets the "L.A. scientists" and the inclusion of Beach Boy references makes the whole thing sound absolutely bizarre. The cast and crew of the Dallas Tactical Operations Lab are a hodgepodge of stereotypical eighties characters, hipster janitor, dorky scientist, and his comic relief sidekick in the form of the annoying Willard the Robot. One quip has Willard asking a female secretary for "those seven digits" which begs to ask what he would do once he had them. The pacing of the story takes some interesting liberties as Coldyron gets a call from his boss and is suddenly fired yet he is still a cop? This scene is followed by an inexplicable montage of Coldyron and his girlfriend going to lunch with the synth-heavy "Hideaway" song. Did they really think that the viewer needed to see this? As bad as this all seems I found myself with a smile on my face as this ended which is the ultimate purpose of this movie, to entertain. Those of you who remember the eighties ought to give this epitome of a good/bad movie a view.

The Prototype YIFY


A little Terminator, some Judge Dredd, some RoboCop - throw them all together and you get ROTOR, which really means Robotic Officer of the Tactical Operations Research/Reserve Unit. Far from defunding the police, this future cop is the dream of Captain J.B. Coldyron, a scientist who runs the police robotics lab. He also manages a ranch, because, well, I have no idea how he can afford that on a police scientist salary, but here we are in the said future.Anyways, Earl G. Buglar, Coldyron's commander in the police department, has been stealing money for the ROTOR project and now has to have something to show to corrupt senator Donald D. Douglas - who sounds like a Stan Lee character name - before election time. Seeing as how all J.B. has to show for himself is a goofball prototype and a ripoff of Johnny 5*.That's when ROTOR gets activated and goes on the loose, killing off fiancees and stalking their women. J.B. finds the woman who made the chassis of this killing machine and together, they try to stop him. You know what his weakness is? Loud noises. So how does he fire his gun or use his car's siren?This movie pretty much has a Mad Max ripoff poster going for it and not much else. Seriously, even for someone like me that can smile through the worst Italian cinema has to offer can find little joy within this movie, especially when one of the robotic advancements is a TOMY toy made five years before this movie.*That robot is named Willard and was played by APD2, a robot purchased in 1986 by the police department of Addision, Texas. Other than the IMDB notice that APD2 led the Christmas parade that year, there's no mention anywhere of him on the web, a curious thing when you think that a police department had an actual robot in its employ and no one talks about it. Also, Texas is the first state to use a bomb carrying robot to kill a criminal. On July 8, 2016, that robot ended a standoff with a heavily armed suspect following the shooting of several Dallas police officers at a protest march.

After a terrible day when the taxi driver John Winger (Bill Murray) loses his job, his car and finally is dumped by his girlfriend Anita (Roberta Leighton), he convinces his best friend Russell (Harold Ramis) to join the army to travel and have fun. They team-up with a platoon of outcast and misfits, and John has problems with their tough Sergeant Hulka (Warren Oates). John and Russell get into successive troubles, but they are always rescued by the Military Police Officers Stella (P.J. Soles) and Louise (Sean Young). Near the graduation, the clumsy and imbecile Captain Stillman (John Larroquette) provokes an accident and Sergeant Hulka is wounded; however, John uses his leadership and the general is impressed with the platoon and assigns the group to go to Italy with the prototype of an armored car. John and Russell are responsible to take care of the prototype, but they date Stella and Louise. Meanwhile Captain Stillman believes that they have stolen the vehicle and crosses the Iron Curtain with Hulka's platoon and they are captured by the communist. Sergeant Hulka escapes and releases a distress signal and John, Russell, Stella and Louise decide to help to rescue their friends from Czechoslovakia."Stripes" is a silly and funny comedy, but what else could I expect from a cast with the names of Bill Murray, John Candy, John Larroquette and the other comedians. The extended cut is long and most of the jokes are "politically incorrect" or sexists, but also hilarious. This is the first time that I see this 1981 comedy on DVD and I laughed a lot. My vote is six.Title (Brazil): "Recrutas da Pesada" ("Rough Recruiters")

A true cinematic treasure from the earlier days of anime. When other shows featuring robots were either too childish or too outlandish, Yoshiyuki Tomino's vision of a world that featured giant robots, but was also filled with emotion, politics, and the basic human nature of conflict and war would be the very first movie to feature a more mature undertone for such categories in anime.Mobile Suit Gundam: The Movie is the very first installment of the retelling of Yoshiyuki Tomino's original story first featured in the TV series which had ended early due to bad ratings but quickly bounced back in popularity and would become popular enough to be the Japanese equivalent of Star Wars.The first movie of the trilogy introduces us to the world already ravaged by war, where the earth's overgrown population has migrated partially into space with the aid of colossal space colonies. After being oppressed by the combined earth governments known as 'The Earth Federation', the group of space colonies furthest from the earth launches a war under the flag of the Principality of Zeon. Due to technological advances, the earth and space becomes flooded with static that makes long ranged weapons useless, so the Zeon develop close combat vehicles in the form of giant robot suits. Greatly outnumbered, the Zeon forces still ravage the Earth Federation fleets with their use of their mobile suits, invading and partially controlling earth. However, unrestricted gas and nuclear weapon attacks, as well as the action of dropping a colony on the earth, has caused massive casualties on both sides and resulted in the loss of half of humanity's total population. After 9 months the war grinds to a halt, and a stalemate takes grip of both sides until one faithful day when the Earth Federation finally develops mobile suits to fight back with, the main prototype called the 'Gundam'. But as the Federation is about to test it's new suits a special Zeon scouting team lead by the top Zeon ace Char Aznable attacks the space colony the suits are housed in, killing nearly all the crew for the also new Federation carrier 'White Base' and also killing all of the suit pilots. It is this fiery confrontation which leads to the death of many of the civilian population in the colony, and also leads the destiny of a 15 year old boy named Amaro Ray to stumble across the Gundam and out of desperation pilot it to defend himself and the those left alive. So begins the crucible of the White Base crew, most of which are the civilians of the colony forced to man the carrier out of desperation, in their attempt to survive the countless waves of attacks by the relentless forces of Zeon in their attempts to capture the new and vastly superior mobile suit which renders their own suits as useless as tin cans.The Characters in this anime are both realistic and entertaining, each one struggling to adapt to being involved in such a brutal and relentless war, and as the movies progress, they evolve into very deep personalities which are amazing to witness. Most notably, the bitter personal rivalry between the Char and Amaro takes seed in this movie and will eventually bloom into the massive hatred visible in the later installments.This movie is a true testament to Anime, timeless in its message and comparable to most conflicts we have seen in current times. The story leads most views to be compelled to watch the rest of the series play out and find out the fate of the White Base Crew, and Tomino's skillful storytelling draws emotional involvement to a few, if not all of the characters in the movie. Some will find themselves cheering for the survival of the White Base crew while others will be cheering for the success of the Principality of Zeon, but there can only be one winner in the great war. The catchphrase of the movie still rings out; "Who will survive?" 041b061a72


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