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Boku No Hero Academia 5th Season Episode 1

As with previous seasons, the production of season five was confirmed at the end of the final episode of season four.[2] It was later confirmed by Funimation that preparation has started in Japan.[3]On July 8, 2020, Yuki Hayashi posted a tweet saying that he and the other composers have begun recording the soundtrack for season five.[4]

Boku no Hero Academia 5th Season Episode 1

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The fifth season of My Hero Academia kicked off with its first anime-original episode. While it is considered a filler, it served the purpose of catching us up with our class of protagonists. The episode begins with Class 1A talking about the events of the last episode of the previous season. They were discussing the fight between a Nomu named High-End and Pro Heroes Endeavor and Hawks. They highlighted the most important moments of the match in the episode.

My Hero Academia Season 5 also did a lot for Endeavour and Hawks, with both of them receiving a lot of development and turning into fuller characters. Episode 19 also did a lot for Eraserhead and Present Mic. The series also had its best episode since season 3 in Tenko Shimura Origin and its worst in the much-maligned Long Time No See, Selkie. In that manner, the series had its share of ups and downs this season and was the most inconsistent season, bar none.

My Hero Academia returns with a relatively low-stakes rumble between Class 1-A and U.A.'s Big 3. It's mostly an opportunity to be reintroduced to the cast, reminded of their respective Quirks and to see just how far they've come as a team, picking up right where the last season ended. While much of the episode is spent catching fans back up to speed, a final scene shows a surprising connection between Hawks and Dabi.

The episode wraps up with Endeavor in a hospital bed, reflecting on his first bout as the new Number 1 Hero. Hawks came to Endeavor's aid after the fight, but Dabi suddenly emerged from the smoke with a menacing grin. Though we don't see everything that unfolds from this interaction, it's undoubtedly an exciting tease for the upcoming season. However, the strangest revelation comes next, with the episode concluding on another separate meet-up between Hawks and Dabi. Whether the two are working together is unclear, but one sure thing is Class 1-A will have a lot more to worry about soon than training drills with the Big 3.

My Hero Academia Season 5 has finally come to an end after a fantastic journey of six months. Everything about the latest season was spectacular; however, the part that fans loved the most was the "My Villain Academia" story arc that concluded in Episode 24. After that, this anime season gave us one more episode, "The High, Deep Blue Sky." 041b061a72


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