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Ultraman The Ultimate Fighting: How to Unlock All Ultras and Kaiju

- What is the premise and gameplay of the game? - What are the main features and modes of the game? H2: Graphics and Sound - How does the game look and sound? - What are the strengths and weaknesses of the graphics and sound? - How faithful is the game to the Ultraman series? H2: Gameplay and Controls - How does the game play and control? - What are the basic and special moves of each character? - How challenging and fun is the game? H2: Conclusion - What are the pros and cons of the game? - Who is the target audience of the game? - Is the game worth playing and buying? H2: FAQs - What are some common questions and answers about the game? Article with HTML formatting Ultraman: The Ultimate Fighting - A Review of the PC Game

If you are a fan of Ultraman, the iconic Japanese superhero who fights giant monsters and aliens, you might be curious about Ultraman: The Ultimate Fighting, a PC game developed by CyberPlanet Interactive Co. Ltd. and licensed by Tsuburaya Chaiyo and TIGA Entertainment. This game was released in 2004 and is a low-budget fighting game that features characters from the Ultraman series. But is it worth playing and buying? In this article, we will review the game's graphics, sound, gameplay, controls, and more.


Ultraman: The Ultimate Fighting is a fighting game that lets you choose to play as one of the Ultraman heroes or one of the Kaiju (monsters) from the Ultraman series. The game has two main modes: Singleplayer and VS Mode. In Singleplayer mode, you play against a computer-controlled opponent in a series of matches. Depending on which character you choose, you will face different opponents and bosses. For example, if you choose Ultraman, you will fight against Kaiju like Alien Metron, Dada, Zetton, Ace Killer, Pandon, Black King, and Father of Ultra. If you choose a Kaiju, you will fight against Ultraman heroes like Ultraseven, Ultraman Ace, Ultraman Taro, Father of Ultra, and Black King. In VS Mode, you can play against another player on the same PC.

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The premise of the game is that the fighting between Ultraman heroes, monsters, and aliens has continued for ages. Until now, the monsters and aliens have a new target, a blue planet called Earth. This is the time when all Ultraman heroes must join forces, be brave, and have courage to save the world. The game's story is not very original or deep, but it serves as a simple backdrop for the action.

The gameplay of the game is similar to other fighting games like Street Fighter or Mortal Kombat. You use punches, kicks, blocks, dodges, throws, and special moves to deplete your opponent's health meter before they do the same to you. Each character has their own unique move set, including their iconic finishers. For example, Ultraman can use his Specium Ray or Ultra Slash to deal massive damage to his foes. The game also has a power meter that replenishes over time and can be used to perform more powerful attacks.

Graphics and Sound

The graphics of the game are decent for a low-budget PC game from 2004. The character models are digitized from the Ultraman series and look realistic and detailed. The backgrounds are also polygonal and colorful, depicting various locations like cities, forests, deserts, mountains, and space. The animations are smooth and fluid, especially for the special moves that light up the screen with flashy effects. The game also uses full-motion video (FMV) cutscenes from the series to introduce each match.

The sound of the game is also faithful to the Ultraman series. The game uses sound effects and voiceovers from the show, such as Ultraman's raspy battle cries and Baltan's guttural laughter. The music is also catchy and upbeat, featuring orchestral themes that match the mood of each stage.

The graphics and sound of The graphics and sound of the game are not perfect, however. The game suffers from some glitches and bugs, such as clipping, flickering, and freezing. The game also has a low resolution and frame rate, which can make the game look pixelated and choppy. The game also lacks some sound effects and voiceovers for some characters, such as Father of Ultra and Black King. The game could have used more polish and optimization to improve its performance and quality.

Gameplay and Controls

The gameplay and controls of the game are simple and easy to learn. The game uses the keyboard or a joystick to control the characters. The game has four basic buttons: punch, kick, block, and special. You can also combine these buttons with directional inputs to perform different moves. For example, you can press forward and punch to do a strong punch, or down and kick to do a sweep. You can also press block and special together to do a throw. The game also has a pause menu that lets you access the options, quit the game, or restart the match.

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The gameplay and controls of the game are also fun and satisfying. The game has a fast-paced and dynamic combat system that keeps you on your toes. You can use various combos, counters, dodges, and special moves to outsmart and overpower your opponent. You can also use the power meter to unleash more devastating attacks that can turn the tide of the battle. The game also has a variety of characters to choose from, each with their own strengths, weaknesses, and play styles. For example, Ultraman is balanced and versatile, Ultraseven is agile and ranged, Ultraman Ace is powerful and defensive, Ultraman Taro is fast and offensive, Father of Ultra is strong and resilient, Black King is brutal and relentless, Alien Metron is tricky and deceptive, Dada is unpredictable and random, Zetton is durable and explosive, Ace Killer is skilled and lethal, Pandon is fierce and fiery, Baltan is stealthy and sneaky.


Ultraman: The Ultimate Fighting is a decent fighting game that pays tribute to the Ultraman series. It has decent graphics, sound, gameplay, controls, and features that will appeal to fans of the series. It also has a low price tag that makes it affordable for anyone who wants to try it out. However, the game also has some flaws that prevent it from being a great game. It has some glitches, bugs, low resolution, low frame rate, missing sound effects, voiceovers, and polish that make it look dated and unprofessional. It also has a limited content that makes it repetitive and boring after a while. It only has 12 characters, 10 stages, 2 modes, no online multiplayer, no story mode, no unlockables, no extras.

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