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GTA 4 Baku - oyunun xüsusiyyətləri və təlimatları

GTA 4 Baku Yukle: A Guide to Download and Play the Azerbaijani Version of GTA 4

If you are a fan of Grand Theft Auto (GTA) series, you might have heard of GTA 4 Baku Yukle, a modded version of GTA 4 that is set in Azerbaijan. This version of the game features a lot of changes and additions that make it more appealing and enjoyable for Azerbaijani players and fans of Azerbaijani culture. In this article, we will show you how to download, install, and play GTA 4 Baku Yukle on your PC, as well as what features, tips, and tricks you can expect from this game. We will also compare it with other GTA games and help you decide which one to play next.

How to Download GTA 4 Baku Yukle from the Official Website

The first step to play GTA 4 Baku Yukle is to download it from the official website. You can find the download link here. The file size is about 3.5 GB, so make sure you have enough space on your hard drive. You will also need a torrent client to download the file, such as uTorrent or BitTorrent.

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How to Install GTA 4 Baku Yukle on Your PC

After downloading the file, you will need to extract it using a program like WinRAR or 7-Zip. You will get a folder named "GTA_BAKU_2019". Inside this folder, you will find another folder named "GTA_BAKU_2019". Copy this folder and paste it in your desired location on your PC. This is where you will install the game.

Next, open the folder "GTA_BAKU_2019" and run the file "setup.exe". Follow the instructions on the screen to install the game. You will need to choose a language (English or Azerbaijani) and a destination folder for the game. The default folder is "C:\Program Files\Rockstar Games\Grand Theft Auto IV", but you can change it if you want.

After installing the game, you will need to activate it using a serial key. You can find the serial key in a text file named "serial.txt" in the folder "GTA_BAKU_2019". Copy and paste the serial key when prompted during the activation process.

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How to Launch GTA 4 Baku Yukle and Choose Your Game ModeHow to Launch GTA 4 Baku Yukle and Choose Your Game Mode

Once you have installed and activated the game, you are ready to launch it and start playing. To do so, go to the folder where you installed the game and run the file "LaunchGTAIV.exe". This will open the game launcher, where you can adjust your settings, such as graphics, sound, controls, etc. You can also sign in to your Rockstar Games Social Club account if you have one, or create a new one if you don't.

After setting up your preferences, click on "Play" to start the game. You will see a menu where you can choose your game mode. There are two main modes: Story Mode and Multiplayer Mode. In Story Mode, you can follow the adventures of Niko Bellic, a former soldier from Eastern Europe who comes to Liberty City to pursue the American Dream. In Multiplayer Mode, you can join other players online and compete or cooperate in various modes, such as Deathmatch, Race, Free Mode, etc.

For GTA 4 Baku Yukle, there is also a third mode: Baku Mode. This is a special mode that allows you to explore the city of Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan, and enjoy its culture, landmarks, and atmosphere. You can drive around the city in Azerbaijani cars, listen to Azerbaijani radio stations, complete missions related to Azerbaijani history and politics, and interact with Azerbaijani characters. You can also customize your character's appearance and clothes to match the Azerbaijani style.

Features of GTA 4 Baku Yukle

GTA 4 Baku Yukle is not just a simple mod of GTA 4. It is a complete overhaul of the game that adds a lot of features and improvements that make it more fun and realistic. Here are some of the features that you can expect from GTA 4 Baku Yukle:

- Differences between GTA 4 Baku Yukle and the original GTA 4: GTA 4 Baku Yukle changes many aspects of the original GTA 4, such as the map, the vehicles, the weapons, the characters, the dialogue, the music, the weather, etc. For example, the map of Liberty City is replaced by the map of Baku, which is much larger and more detailed. The vehicles are replaced by Azerbaijani cars, such as Lada, Zhiguli, Niva, etc. The weapons are replaced by Azerbaijani guns, such as Makarov, AK-47, RPG-7, etc. The characters are replaced by Azerbaijani people, such as politicians, celebrities, gangsters, etc. The dialogue is replaced by Azerbaijani language, with subtitles in English or Azerbaijani. The music is replaced by Azerbaijani songs from various genres and eras. The weather is replaced by Azerbaijani climate, which is more sunny and warm than Liberty City's. - Unique features of GTA 4 Baku Yukle: GTA 4 Baku Yukle also adds some unique features that are not present in the original GTA 4 or any other GTA game. For example, you can use a smartphone to access various apps and functions, such as calling taxis, ordering food delivery, checking social media, etc. You can also use a camera to take photos and selfies and share them online. You can also use a GPS to navigate around the city and find points of interest. You can also participate in various activities and events that are related to Azerbaijani culture and traditions, such as wrestling matches (gulesh), tea ceremonies (çayxana), carpet weaving (xalça), etc. - Benefits of playing GTA 4 Baku Yukle: Playing GTA 4 Baku Yukle has many benefits for both Azerbaijani players and non-Azerbaijani players. For Azerbaijani players, it is a way to express their national pride and identity and to enjoy their own culture and history in a virtual world. For non-Azerbaijani players For non-Azerbaijani players, it is a way to learn about a new and fascinating country and culture and to experience a different perspective and environment in a familiar game. Playing GTA 4 Baku Yukle can also improve your performance, graphics, and gameplay, as the game is optimized for modern PCs and has less bugs and glitches than the original GTA 4. Tips and Tricks for GTA 4 Baku Yukle

GTA 4 Baku Yukle is not an easy game to master, especially if you are not familiar with the Azerbaijani language, culture, and geography. However, there are some tips and tricks that can help you get the most out of the game and have more fun. Here are some of them:

- How to optimize your settings for GTA 4 Baku Yukle: GTA 4 Baku Yukle is a demanding game that requires a powerful PC to run smoothly. However, you can tweak some settings to improve your performance and reduce lag. For example, you can lower the resolution, the texture quality, the shadow quality, the view distance, etc. You can also disable some features that are not essential, such as motion blur, depth of field, ambient occlusion, etc. You can also use some mods or patches that can enhance your performance, such as ENB Series, XLiveLess, etc. - How to use cheats and secrets in GTA 4 Baku Yukle: GTA 4 Baku Yukle has many cheats and secrets that can make your gameplay easier or more fun. For example, you can use cheat codes to spawn vehicles, weapons, health, armor, etc. You can also use cheat codes to change the weather, the time of day, the wanted level, etc. You can enter cheat codes by using your smartphone and dialing the corresponding numbers. You can find a list of cheat codes here. You can also find some secrets and easter eggs in the game, such as hidden messages, references, jokes, etc. You can find a list of secrets and easter eggs here. - How to complete the main storyline and side missions in GTA 4 Baku Yukle: GTA 4 Baku Yukle has a rich and engaging storyline that follows Niko Bellic's journey from a war-torn country to a land of opportunities. The storyline consists of 94 missions that involve various characters, events, and choices. You can complete the missions by following the instructions on the screen and using your skills and resources. You can also choose to do some side missions that are not related to the main storyline but can give you extra money, rewards, or fun. Some of the side missions include taxi driving, vigilante work, street racing, assassination contracts, etc. - How to enjoy


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